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We understand how important protecting your home and family is. That's why we provide affordable, reliable security systems. We want you to stay protected, too.


An access control system is a powerful tool that controls security in virtually any location. Well-designed and professionally installed, this system can automatically lock and unlock doors, as well as grant authorized personnel entry, according to specific parameters. Using

a card or variety of credentials, each is unique and if lost or stolen, can easily be removed from the system.


We provide and install fully integrated, electronic access control systems, ranging from single door applications to multi-point, software based security systems, offering an easy solution for key control, lost keys, doors left unlocked, etc.


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Benefits of access control:

- Improve and update existing security systems

- Prevent enrol to controlling areas without valid card or code

- Minimize importance of unauthorized duplication of facility mechanical locks

- Lock and unlock doors, according to preset parameter

- Provide reports on employee activity

- Increase security awareness

- Reduce internal theft

- Deter violence/vandalism

- Provide secure access

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Never worry about employee safety again

Is your business protecting from unauthorized entry, workplace theft,

or injury? Don't wait until it's too late to find out if your employees or customers are safe at your location. Many businesses install Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) in their building. This security system is one

of the fastest growing areas, because its more affordable equipment and solutions. Plus, it helps prevent against countless liabilities and risks.


Whether you want a basic single camera or a system throughout your entire facility integrated with your card entry system, we have the solution to fit your every need. Call us to discuss the fast-moving changes that are happening in the CCTV industry and how they can benefit you. We provide state-of-the-art Closed Circuit Television systems using digital recorders that interface with your PC or network, giving you the ability to view your business from any computer. We use Kalitel Calibur and Darim Video Speaker systems.


Another exciting aspect of this industry? Electronic locks. With various ways and features to increase security is mind-blowing. One feature that many customers use is the ability to limit who has access. All you have to do is enter the correct commands and your business is secure, with all authorized personnel access. You can also only allow access during certain times if you wish to grand someone permission during the day but not after closing. You can also monitor who gains access and to where.

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