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Whether you are looking for a secure lock or want add a decorative yet functional lock to your home, you can count on the experts at Torbik Safe & Lock to deliver the best in lock services. From your home to your business, we have all of your needs covered.


We can help you get the safe feeling back into your home. We offer both repairs and replacement services, so you know they are reliable and secure. Or, if you'd rather, we have decorative locks that can transform any home. We believe that every basic security device on

a home should be a solid, durable deadbolt for all exterior doors. These are basic protection and are simple to install.



We provide consultations and installations for:

Decorative hardware | Residential locks and services | Panic bars |Mortise and Surface exit devices | High-security exit devices |Alarm monitoring devices | Emergency exit devices| Electronically-operated exit devices |Automatic door openers, door closers, etc. | Electrical and mechanical locks


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We sell, repair or install all models and makes of locks. 


We have exclusive locks that only you can get the key for.

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1. Many burglars know the old trick of hiding a house key under a door mat or rock near the door. Instead, give a key to a trusted neighbor.

2. When you move to a new house or apartment, have a professional locksmith rekey the locks.

3. Don't use door chains as they break easily and don't keep intruders out.

Many burglars won't spend longer than a minute trying to break in. Make sure all your external doors have sturdy, well installed deadbolt locks.

We will come to your doorstep! Give us a call. 570-825-0013

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