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Keep track of your keys

Unfortunately, sometimes keys get passed around and eventually, you lose track of who has a spare set. Your security system doesn't do its job unless you have control over all your keys. When you need to know how many keys have been made for your front door, we can help.


Key control:

This is knowing exactly how many keys are outstanding and who has them. Many keys are easily duplicated - you can go just about

anywhere to get another set. High security lock systems give you complete control over who gets a copy of your key. These durable locks protect all your valuables with a multi-level control system, including one or all of the following: Pick and drill resistant designs, authorized lockshops can only get the key blanks (this means NO hardware store copies), and a signature card system to obtain a positive ID before the key is released.


Keyless entry:

Why stay stuck in the past with yesterday's lock for today's needs? As technology grew, so did locking mechanisms. In today's world, we have an unprecedented level of security, matched with convenience, in electronic access locks.

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Master key systems:

Your business has special security requirements that we can assist with. Not only will we keep you secure, but we will provide a more efficient operating system. We can install and manage a master key system that enables people to use one key to get everywhere they need to go - and keep them out of restricted areas. Don't worry - we keep records of every key that every employee has and which lock it accesses.


Auto Keys & Service

Because we work on many cars, we have the latest and greatest in key making equipment and knowledge in duplicated car keys. Don't let an amateur attempt to open your locked car when your keys are inside.

We open thousands of cars and can repair locks damaged in burglary attempts, as well as replace worn locks and keys. We train our entire team in the latest opening methods and use the best tools available.  



Whether you need another key for your car or home, we provide

the best key services to each and every customer. With the largest inventory of keys, we probably have exactly what you need. Plus, we have our expertly trained technicians doing the duplicating, so they always work!

Don't skip on quality when it comes to your next key service.

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