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Don't risk the security of your important items

You should be able to count on your safe. That means it can evade everything from an intruder to a fire. The most common reason people purchase a second safe or replace an existing safe is because they underestimate the amount of items they need to protect.


Start shopping smart and browse our store, which boasts a wide variety of safes. Once you have a good idea of what you need to protect, we will help you pick the perfect safe for your home. Our dedicated staff is always willing to help you with your safe purchase.


Safe buying tips:

- A lot of times, people buy a non-fire protected safe and put a fire or media chest inside. With a larger safe, you will get burglar protection; with a smaller one, fire protection. Make sure the larger safe is big enough for non-flammable items and the fire chest. Many burglary safe offer a customized combination or you can use the factory assigned one. While you may want to make your own right away, consider this:

If you ever lose or forget the combination, we cannot help you. We can only call the factory and get the original one from them. The only people that deal with a factory combination are authorized dealers, so you are safe.


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Our extensive selection of safes

Gardall safes:

These safes are ideal for homes and businesses, as well as compact security safes, depository safes, and gun safes. They are solidly built of heavy gauge, prime steel reinforced and electrically welded throughout. They are also insulated with fire resistant materials that are able to withstand extreme heat.



These protect audio, computer tapes, and CD's. Make sure your collection is safeguarded- you've invested a lot of money in it. Also, protect your business computer back-up data and software with media safes. Don't forget to hedge your bets with nightly off-site storage of operational programs and data. This could save your business. Bonus: these safes offer fire and moisture protection for all of your valuables.


AMSEC safes

American Security Products is known as the world's provider of security safes and solutions. Since 1948, they have protected their client's valuables all over the world by providing a broad array of safes with the highest degree of quality, integrity, and responsiveness.

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